Sunil Aggarwal

Position: Managing Director
Company: Think Forward Financial Group


Member Bio

Mr. Aggarwal along with three other investment bankers recently established a new financial advisory firm called Think Forward Capital Markets, LLC, specializing in tax exempt bonds and economic development financing for capital projects undertaken by not for profits, industrial companies and real estate developers.

Before this, Mr. Aggarwal was with an investment banking firm called Roosevelt & Cross for the past ten years. Mr. Aggarwal focuses on assisting not-for-profit organizations, manufacturing companies, technology companies and real estate developers in obtaining tax-exempt and taxable financing for capital projects. In addition, Mr. Aggarwal assists companies to access various government financing programs and economic development benefit programs. Mr. Aggarwal has closed over 90 transactions in excess of $750 million over his career spanning 20 years. Prior to joining Roosevelt & Cross, Mr. Aggarwal spent seven years at an economic development agency, New York City Industrial Development Agency. At the agency, he worked on many economic development capital projects including arranging bond financing for manufacturing companies, not-for-profit organizations and real estate developers.


Company Profile

ThinkForward Financial is a fully-integrated financial services firm providing tax-exempt bond and economic development project financings to not-for-profits, small to mid-sized industrial and manufacturing corporations, real estate developers and owners, and renewable energy developers. ThinkForward works closely with clients to find and execute optimal financing solutions for each particular situation. The firm structures and places financings for capital projects ranging from $2 million to $100 million.

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