Stephen Parnes

Position: Principal
Company: Catalyst Development Partners, LLC


Member Bio

Mr. Parnes is a founding member of Catalyst and brings a wide range of real estate development and finance experience to the company. He manages the origination of projects including structuring, negotiating and closing acquisitions and then all development activities including zoning, design, permitting, pre-construction and construction/environmental remediation activities.

Catalyst focuses on the land reuse of the blighted properties and will also team with vertical builder partners to implement the environmental solutions into the end use product and site planning process. Prior to founding Catalyst, Mr. Parnes spent six years with EnviroFinance Group, LLC where he ran all development activities for the Northeast for both their brownfield redevelopment and renewable energy projects.

Mr. Parnes has over 20 years of experience in redevelopment in the tri-state area and has successfully redeveloped underutilized industrial properties into new developments of multi-family housing and commercial development.

Mr. Parnes holds a B.A. from Brandeis University and a J.D. from the Benjamin Cardozo School of Law.





Company Profile

Catalyst Development Partners (“Catalyst”) redevelops environmentally challenged properties across the United States bringing pro-active land reuse to blighted properties. Catalyst’s has significant experience in creative, cost effective environmental risk management solutions while redeveloping the properties to the highest and best use for them. The redevelopment of the blighted real estate provides new tax revenues, new jobs and stimulates economic growth.

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