RENT Members gather at the Cinema Supply NYC, a private club for members supporting the arts

Several of our R.E.N.T. members and officers participated in an extraordinary tour of Cinema Supply, hosted by its creator, owner, and curator David Tannenbaum (center, with hat). This wholly unique, circa 1922, multi-level brick building — formerly the home of Star Cinema Supply Company — today serves as a private club, art gallery, and working studio for burgeoning artists. We thank David for introducing us to his wonderful new venture and for providing us with a sumptuous lunch! And hats off to R.E.N.T. member Jeff Meshel for making the introduction to his visionary friend and colleague.

I also want to recognize the artist Zahra Nazari for the work in the background. Zahra Nazari is a New York City-based painter, sculptor, and installation artist working with architectural themes. Her studio is located at the Cinema Supply.

For more information contact David Tannenbaum at Cinema Supply


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