R.E.N.T. hosts summer networking event for members and guests-July 25th, 2023

On July 25th a networking summer gathering was held at fellow Member David Tanenbaum  marvelous Cinema Supply Studio located in Chelsea. We had twenty members present and Ed Sirlin arranged for the Chef and the Wine Merchant who were both present and members were treated to fine whites, reds, and rose’ accompanied by delicious food prepared on site.

A shoutout to Cliff Korn from Acker Wines who shared his excitement and knowledge about the wines and proper pairing.  For more info about Cliff please reach out to him.  https://www.ackerwines.com/contact-us/

We also had 8 invited quests attending and all had an outstanding evening.


R.E.N.T. is a unique network of real estate firms and professionals, created to emphasize multi-disciplinary teamwork.

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R.E.N.T. Member Monthly Meeting

R.E.N.T. Member Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Members and Guests for Professional Networking.