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Glenn Erikson is Founder and CEO of Integral Studios and Integral Design and Development, and an Adjunct Professor at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College, CUNY where he teaches Urban Economics at the Graduate Level. He is an urbanist, architect/developer, consultant, teacher and author whose current work is involved with the integration of urban economics, planning, architecture, ecology and the arts. Glenn was a Partner/Project Director for Acquisitions and Development at Time Equities, Inc., a $5B in assets NYC real estate firm for 17 years, and prior to that Co-Managing Partner at Erikson Leviton & Associates and Partner/Executive Vice President at Los Angeles Land Company, both located in Westwood, CA. Before starting both these companies, he was an Investment Banker at Center Financial Group and Project Architect at Deems/Lewis & Partners.  He has been involved in projects throughout the US, as well as in Bermuda and Berlin, Germany.

A licensed Architect, Contractor and Real Estate Broker with a Bachelor’s in Architecture, a Master’s in Real Estate and Finance and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies, Glenn has been a general partner for 35 Commercial, Residential, Artist Loft and Mixed-Use real estate development projects in California, Vermont and New York.  He has designed, built and leased more than 2.5MM square feet of development projects, and five projects for which he has been on the design teams have garnered Design Awards.

Glenn founded the Integral Companies in 2004, and currently owns and manages approximately 200 rental apartment units and 75,000 square feet of commercial space. Glenn has taught at the university level since 1980 at UCLA, UCI, USF, NYU and now CUNY Baruch, where he has taught since 2003. He has also published several articles, the most recent of which is “Strategizing Urban Policy,” and he currently sits on the following Non-Profit Boards:

  • World Policy Institute
  • Westbeth Center for the Arts
  • Architecture Omi
  • Fly Fishers International

Glenn is married to Karina Anne Naumer, an English Language and Drama Educator in New York City. They have a son, Erik Soren Erikson who works for Adobe Software in New York City and a daughter, Annika Liv Erikson who works in London, UK and is the Founder and CEO of Articheck. Dr. Erikson works and teaches in Manhattan, NY and has homes in Greenpoint, NY, the Catskills and Santa Fe, NM.



Company Profile

At Integral we seek those urban sites and programs that allow us to develop projects that are fully responsive to their users, with high concept designs that are environmentally sustainable and technologically sophisticated, and importantly all within the financial demands of the marketplace. We seek these sites both through the RFP process and through strategic relationships.

Integral's work has encompassed Mixed-Use Projects, Live/Work Lofts, Arts-Related Projects, plus Commercial, Retail and Residential Projects. We can provide a full range of services including feasibility studies, design, bidding, contractor selection, construction administration, lease-up, sales and property management.

For each project, we are committed to fully utilize best practices, to work hard to fully understand each project constraint, to investigate all potential opportunities, to find sustainable solutions, and work to create the highest quality design possible within the given framework of user need, site, context, and budget.

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