RENT consists of member firms which are engaged in some real estate activity either directly or in support thereof. Each firm is represented by an owner, partner or key employee. Meetings are held on a monthly basis for purposes of exchanging referrals, discussing new and interesting topics in the real estate field and general business information. Members are encouraged to meet each other frequently in between our monthly meetings to further develop relationships and create new business opportunities. In addition we invite targeted guests to join our meetings either as a guest speaker on a particular topic or as a new potential member for our group.

Providing business referrals to others is often more difficult then developing those referrals yourself. The commitment to help fellow members is what makes RENT unique and the best in its class

RENT is a powerful tool to expand your business network, to help suppoort your clients needs and to serve the outside real estate market. The effort you contribute will result in an expanded network of possibilities.

Board of Directors


R.E.N.T. is a unique network of real estate firms and professionals, created to emphasize multi-disciplinary teamwork.

R.E.N.T. represents experienced New York Metro area real estate firms and professionals in a variety of disciplines. 

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R.E.N.T. Member Monthly Meeting

R.E.N.T. Member Monthly Meeting

Meeting for Members and Guests for Professional Networking.