Linda S. Alexander

Alexander Marketing Corp
Linda S Alexander
Alexander Marketing Corp
1633 Broadway
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New York, NY 10019
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Linda S. Alexander is the founder and president of Alexander Marketing Corp., a full-service public relations firm that focuses on businesses and individuals in real estate and related markets, encompassing such sectors as residential, commercial, retail, hospitality, construction, development, architecture, and interior design. An award-winning copywriter, best-selling cookbook author, and former real estate reporter and editor, Linda’s diverse experience brings together decades of media, marketing, and real estate industry relationships. After serving for several years as an inhouse communications and marketing director for such esteemed firms as Argo Real Estate and Charles H. Greenthal, she segued to journalism in the mid-1990s, writing for a variety of publications, including Grid Magazine, The Cooperator, Residential Business New York, West Side Spirit, Our Town, and Gastronomique.

Alexander Marketing Corp. was launched in 2000, specifically as a media relations-focused PR firm. Commensurate with an ever-changing communications landscape, its expansive services currently include editorial-focused branding and article placement in print and digital publications, arranging client appearances in broadcast media and industry panels, providing editorial content on multiple social media platforms, and coordinating client events. Founded on the principle that every good business can be a great business with the right attention, Alexander Marketing is dedicated to taking its clients to the next level through focused media presence and sophisticated networking strategies. A dedicated participant in charitable and community activities, Linda is a long-standing member of Community Board 7 Manhattan and serves as Co-Chair of the Business & Consumer Issues (BCI) Committee. In addition, she sits on the Board of Directors of Friends of Roosevelt Park.