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James J. Periconi has 40 years of experience as an environmental lawyer, first, in government –culminating in his appointment as Chief of the Solid and Hazardous Waste Enforcement Bureau at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – and then in private practice.

The core of his and his firm’s work is in helping evaluate environmental risks for buyers and sellers of commercial real estate, structuring the contract, and overseeing the environmental due diligence process. He also has substantial experience representing clients in governmental actions brought for remediation of Superfund and in private cost recovery actions. He has developed innovative approaches to environmental permitting for research facilities and has dramatically reduced fines in significant EPA enforcement matters for public companies to below materiality thresholds.

As a former prosecutor from the New York County District Attorney’s office, and a civil and criminal enforcement attorney at the New York State Attorney General’s Environmental Protection Bureau, Jim Periconi brings a unique perspective to the defense of alleged environmental crimes, as well as civil and administrative laws. In private practice, Mr. Periconi has served as a federal judicial Special Master and an expert witness on New York environmental law and the environmental aspects of commercial real estate transactions in federal and state litigations, most recently in a half-billion-dollar environmental insurance recovery case involving one of the most contaminated sites in NY. Recognition by his peers led to his appointment as Chair of the Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) in 2003-2004.

Areas of Practice: Environmental Due Diligence, Brownfields Development, Enforcement
Actions, Compliance Counseling, Oil and Gas Spills, Superfund Actions, and Natural Resource Damages. Serves as Special Counsel and Expert Witness

Founded in 2003, Periconi, LLC is a boutique environmental law firm based in Manhattan. With combined experience totaling more than 75 years, the skilled lawyers of Periconi, LLC, are prepared to represent clients in any complex environmental legal matter. The firm’s practice focuses on environmental due diligence, litigation and regulatory matters. Combining a broad knowledge base in environmental law with a thorough familiarity with the agencies and programs that regulate businesses, Periconi, LLC, has earned a reputation for being one of the leading environmental law firms in New York. The experienced lawyers of Periconi, LLC, assist real estate (and other business) clients in assessing and minimizing environmental risks when acquiring properties and surmount real (and perceived) obstacles to a profitable deal. Successful real estate developers want to make deals happen, and sleep better at night doing so, especially in today’s heated real estate market. The attorneys of Periconi, LLC relieve real estate investors and developers of headaches in analyzing complicated environmental risks and figuring out how to minimize them. From recovering the costs of environmental cleanups to representing parties involved in environmentally challenging business and real estate dealings, Periconi, LLC, has the experience and resources needed to successfully resolve the matter, whatever the complexity.