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Ace Jonas
Ace Jonas
Ace Jonas
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Ace Jonas is a seasoned real estate professional renowned for his expertise in evaluating, underwriting, and structuring institutional-grade transactions across multifamily, office, industrial, and retail properties. He has a track record of successfully sponsoring and transforming multiple real estate projects. Real Estate Expertise:

Ace specializes in the strategic transformation of properties, excelling in evaluating, underwriting, and structuring transactions across diverse property types. His team’s approach involves vertically integrating construction and property management, fostering remarkable economies of scale. This strategy generates increased returns by, reducing costs even on smaller deals through efficient construction and property management.

In real estate, Ace initially brokered debt for commercial transactions for a decade while developing his own deals in New York City, Florida, Ohio, Texas, and Philadelphia, building a strong track record leading to his current focus on real estate development. Most recently he doubled the value of a Brooklyn mixed-use property within a year during rapid cap rate expansion.

Diversified Experience:

Ace Jonas began his career at Marquis Jet, cultivating enduring networks. He played an instrumental role in the launch and expansive growth of Tequila Avion, as a part of it’s founding partners, driving its expansion into national and international markets, ultimately leading to its sale to Pernod Ricard.

Post-Avion, Ace ventured into entrepreneurship, founding a VC fund, focused on companies coming out of Y Combinator, and founded the outdoor ski apparel brand, BATST. He has advised various e-commerce, apparel, and technology companies.

His diverse background, spanning Marquis Jet, Tequila Avion, and the e-commerce industry, rounds up his unique approach in real estate and deal making. Goals and Aspirations:

Looking ahead, I see immense opportunities within real estate. The ultimate goal is to leverage my network effectively, expanding Backcountry Capital and scaling our business through strategic collaborations with investors seeking impactful real estate ventures with stable returns.