Real Estate Networking & Transactions Group

R.E.N.T. is a unique network of real estate firms and professionals, created to emphasize multidisciplinary teamwork. Real estate networking and transactions members represent distinguished career profiles and distinctive areas of expertise. Through the dynamics of a closely-knit real estate network, members work together to serve common clients, share best-practices, and deliver an exceptional level of coordinated professional knowledge and experience.

About R.E.N.T.

R.E.N.T. is an organization of member firms engaged in diverse real estate disciplines. Each firm is represented by an owner/partner or professional-level key employee. The organization’s primary purpose is to promote referrals among member firms and professionals in delivering superior service to clients. Its secondary purpose is to educate prospective clients and the public on the value of multi-disciplinary teamwork in real estate.

R.E.N.T. is led by a Board of Directors elected by its members. It is solely supported by member dues and does not seek outside financing or contributions. Qualified real estate professionals may apply for membership, subject to Board approval and under terms of the By-Laws.

R.E.N.T. represents experienced New York Metro area real estate firms and professionals in a variety of disciplines. 


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Broad USA

Modular construction is a remedy to the long and unpredictable project cycles of site-built buildings. To make a dent in solving the critical housing shortage, the industry must reach industrial scale to supply units quickly. Industrial scalability enables the mass production of modular housing units similar to the production of cars, characterized by the standardization of a turnkey product: Large-scale, streamlined production, and investment in automated production.

Director of Marketing
Holon Modular Building Systems

BROAD Sustainable Building has innovated a stainless steel framed high-rise building concept with a Passive House design to sharply reduce energy consumption. A 26 story, 202 unit residential tower completed in 5 days in January 2024 will be presented.